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Hello Friends,

             This week is the week of Thanksgiving. I have always liked the holidays. There is just something magical during this time of year. From the music, to the charitable hearts, to the spirit in the air, I love this time of year. This month I decided to start doing my usual Thanksgiving gratitude journal. Each day I write one think or a short paragraph of something I am thankful for. I have done 22 days so far and today I will write my journal entry right here with you all. Today I am thankful for my friendships. Because of my music and my career as a singer I have been very fortunate to be able to meet people all over the world. I have built friendships and relationships with so many of you that I never would have had the opportunity to meet. So for that reason alone I am thankful today. I hope you have a great week. I hope you take some time to think about what you might be thankful for. I see so many people having a hard time right now. I think no matter what we are going through if we look hard enough, I bet we can all find things we are thankful for. That is my challenge this week. You could even reply to this e-mail if you feel like it and share what you are thankful for if you wish. I love reading your messages.

   I have had a super busy few weeks. I am already getting concert bookings for next year and a decent amount of them. I have been in Laughlin this week and also Bryce Canyon for conventions. Today I am glad to be home. Thanks for all you do for me in getting the word out about me. Almost every booking request I get is because of you telling someone about me. Word of mouth is so powerful.

   Some of you have been getting my Christmas CD and my Ultimate CD to give away as gifts. Thank you for that. Here is a link if you decide to do so. I am still covering all the shipping costs.

This weekend I will be in one of my favorite towns. Parowan Utah. Friday and Saturday night I am the MC for the local Christmas show. I will be singing some songs in between acts.

IMPORTANT NEWS! You know my Christmas Concert that sold out a few weeks ago? Many people tried to get me to do a second night. I decided that I will not do this because of some very busy schedule conflicts that week. So we will only be doing 1 concert this year. However, that being said, they have opened up another 10 seats. They were able to put some chairs on the floor. Please if you have wanted to get some tickets to this show now is the time. It will be full to capacity and a very unique and intimate show. You can buy the tickets by going to this link.

Have a wonderful week.

Thank you so much, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving.



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