Save The Date and Miracles do happen!!

Hello there,  First of all I want to wish you a safe and Happy Halloween. Try not to eat too much candy. So we are only one week away from our popular November House Concert brought to you by and Pizza Hut. We had over 500 people attend online and watch our last house concert.  Lets pack the airwaves and have an amazing time again.  Wednesday night November 7th at 7pm MST.  I will post a link on all the social media sites when it goes active about an hour before we go live, or you can find us on google plus or watch our youtube channel that night.  We will have our text in number like last time as well as have some guest cameras joining us on the concert and hangout. Save the date and join us. This should be a link to the hangout event on Google+


I did something fun. I made a video for one of our songs on the new Broadway CD. You can get your copy at So I have been so amazed at my journey.  I have been so humbled by all of your friendships and support.  Please take a minute to look at my journey here. Thanks for all you do for me.
You can also view it on our website and now has been optimized for mobile viewing.  Check it out.
My parents are awesome.  My mother has been a huge inspiration and I think she deserves this shout out.  I am attaching a picture to this message so you can see something miraculous. My mother a few years ago was having multiple health issues.  Many of those were contributed to obesity. She was on oxygen at nights due to sleep apnea, she was pre diabetic, had blood sugar issues, blood pressure issues, and many other issues that she was having to take medications for. She needed to make a change immediately or    maybe not be around today. She started to exercise, eat right, make a complete life change.  She has not lost almost 100 pounds without any surgeries, fancy diet’s, pills, or anything that is radical. She exercises regularly, she eats healthy choices and is really doing awesome.  Her inspiration has made it easier for my dad to follow along and now he has lost almost 40 pounds.  Keep it up mom and dad and thanks for being such an inspiration.
Thank you all for being here. I will be having a holiday special on our Christmas CD’s very soon and we will be having a new segment to our e-mails called stories from the road.  Dutch our drummer has been keeping a journal as we have been traveling and those that are appropriate to share 🙂 we will share.
Last of all, Do you want to win free Pizza from Pizza Hut??? All you have to do is post a comment under this post, on my web-site at  Also if you would be willing to share a nice testimonial about our Fork In The Road cd, just simply post under this or write me a nice paragraph or two on your thoughts about it and email it to me. I will enter you into a drawing for free pizza as well. Very simple and very good chances to win.  Thanks again and see you on Facebook, Twitter, and google+


  • Roselie Winn


    Fork in The Road is a wonderful collection of songs that touch everyone differently. The recording show the great range that Eric has in his singing. While he is country, this album shows that he is not limited to only country music. Eric’s music and this album will be a great addition to any ones music collection.
    Eric and the band are genuinely nice guys and that makes listening to them such an easy thing to do. They seem to record and play FOR their fans not just to be making music.

  • eric


    Thank you my friend.

  • Kelly C


    I plan on joining the house party. Congratulations to your mom and dad! Your mom looks great!

  • eric


    Thanks Kelly

  • Betty Jacobs


    I enjoyed The Fork in the Road CD. YOUR Christmas CD is awesome… love the traditional sound. I have loaned the CD’s to my son Chris (except the Christmas one. It rides with me in my car). Congrats to your mom and dad. I too have changed my lifestyle and am losing weight. You should make a CD that has humorous lyrics to clean house by… “Flyin’ High”or something like that. BTW: Pizza Hut has super-good pizza.We esp. Love the thin crust!

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