Why Not Today? Face Your Fears and Chase Your Dreams!

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The new book by Eric Dodge on facing your fears.

What others are saying about Why Not Today? Face Your Fears … and Chase Your Dreams! by Eric Dodge . . .


“This book is true inspiration for anyone who dreams big dreams but sometimes lacks the courage to follow through.”

—Brad Barton, CSP, Author, Speaker,
World Record T&F Athlete


“Eric has found a way to take his life experiences and teach us all a lesson on how to never give up. Wait until you feel the passion he has for showing others how to face fears and chase dreams.

—Laurie Guest, CSP, Author, Speaker


“Since I have known Eric Dodge he has impressed me with his ability to turn his fears into his passion for helping others. This book is just another example of that.”

—Marla Cilley, New York Times Best Selling Author
and Mentor to women around the world


My heart was pounding so hard in my chest that I thought it was about to explode. The palms of my hands were cold and clammy, and the sweat was beginning to run down the back of my neck and forehead. Every salty drop of sweat that would run down from beneath the band of my black cowboy hat would burn my eyes as I would try to wipe it away from my face. Trying to catch my breath was the most important thing in my life right now, and concentration seemed impossible.

There was a ringing in my ears and my chest felt like it was being crushed by the weight of a 5-ton elephant sitting on it. This was a panic attack. But who wouldn’t be falling apart? I was about to walk out into a football stadium crowded with over 50,000 people, and sing one of my songs.

There was a giant TV screen and camera crews holding cameras right in my face. How was this possible for someone who so desperately feared being in front of a crowd? Would this be the end? Would this kill me? Even worse, would I forget the words?

My mind was so blurred, how could I remember anything? What am I doing here? This was all a huge mistake!

Those were some of the questions that ran through my mind as the announcer loudly said “Please welcome Eric Dodge to the stage,” and my band began to play a familiar song of mine. I began to walk down the ramp towards the stage, just as I’d done on so many occasions in the past.

My mind was now on autopilot. Trying to calm down, I began to breathe slowly and deeply.

Everything is going to be OK, Eric. Trust your preparation.

Once the first word of that song came out of my mouth my mind began to free up. Everything became clear—the green field, the audience, the blue sky, my great band—and the show went off without a hitch.

I am not an expert on fear, nor pretending to be an expert on anything. However, my fears at times have gotten the best of me.

Let me be clear about something. This book is not about my journey as a country music entertainer, but it has everything to do with being able to achieve that dream. This book came to life because of my overwhelming desire to help others who struggle with the same issues that many of us have lived with, and still live with today. You are the reason this book was written. Let me help you to achieve your dreams. It starts by facing your fears.

We all have fears that control us. It is my belief that if we can control our fears we can accomplish anything. If we master our fears, we master our future. When we are born and when we are little kids we are, for the most part, fearless. Outside circumstances, introduced to us throughout our lives, begin the process of developing fears. When we have a fear of something, we have a reason for it. Something happened to us. Maybe it was something we saw, or a reaction we witnessed from someone we loved. This is where our deepest, most strongly rooted fears come from.

We can push past these fears. Many years ago I started believing that we should face our fears instead of running from them. As part of this hard-won knowledge, I’d like to share some stories from my life that caused me to start living a life of fear. In examining my life, I was able to trace some of my very deep-rooted fears back to these stories.

Many of us struggle every day. For me, there were many sleepless nights. Worry, frustration, doubt, fear, sadness, depression, and anxiety are just some of the emotions I have felt and dealt with at many times of my life. Because of these facts, what you read here is going to be very honest. It will literally make my life an open book.

Yes, it will be very hard for me to write—and hard for me to share. It may be hard for some to read, but I believe it must be shared. It is very clear to me that my purpose is to help others, as well as myself, to let go of our fears, let go of what is holding us back, and just let go of what we cannot change.

We have one life to live. Why not see what we can do with it? Why not face our fears! And, Why Not Today? Are you ready to begin your journey with me? There is no better time to face our fears and chase our dreams.

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