BabySteps To Music Industry Success! “Making It” As An Independent Music Artist – Book by Eric Dodge

Whether you are an aspiring professional musician, a dreamer looking to start your own company, or simply a fan of Eric Dodge and his music, this book is a must read.  Eric opens his heart completely and shares with the reader all the personal moments of triumph and heart break that have accompanied his rise to success in the music business.  The glimpses into Eric’s life will delight his fans and the insights he shares into his professional journey are valuable for any musician as well as entrepreneurs in other areas.

Eric discusses the specifics of how he has built a successful music career without using an agent, publicist, or street team and without signing with a label.  In today’s quickly evolving music market, major labels are struggling to turn a profit and independent artists are finding ways to flourish.  It is now possible to succeed in the music business without signing with a record label.  But it isn’t easy.  Eric Dodge shares the specific details of how he has built his own career.  These grass roots ideas and techniques can be used to help any aspiring musician or business owner succeed in this brave new world.

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