All you need is love, Why not today!


Dear Friends, 

           This has been a very interesting and different end of a year for me. I have been completely off course compared to years past. You see, every year I plan and scheme and set goals for myself. I always know what I want and how I am going to get it. Over the last few years even to my surprise I have changed a whole lot. Some of the things I wanted a few years ago are not things I want anymore. I will still set goals this coming weekend I am sure, but I find that I have a hard time focusing on more than 1 or 2 goals at a time now days. When I sit down and set my business goals, my health goals, my relationship goals, my finance goals, and my personal goals, it can all get very overwhelming. I was allprepared to setup my vision boards, goal journals, and books of goals again this year. As I was reviewing my year and reflecting back, it hit me. I have most of what I want. I used to think it was about getting more money, nice houses, better cars, toys, things, but it just isn’t for me this year. I have a great life and I don’t need those things. I was listening to one of my mentors speak and he was telling a story about the Beatles. They said it best when they said

“There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done

Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung

Nothing you can make that can’t be made

No one you can save that can’t be saved

Nothing you can do but you can learn how tobe you in time

It’s easy

All you need is love, All you need is love

All you need is love, love

Love is all you need.”

                       After seeing these words and remembering what FlyLady always says FLY (Finally Love Yourself.) I decided to wrap my whole year and goals around one theme word, LOVE. This year I am going to Love. Love myself more first of course. I am going to stop being as hard on myself. I am going to love my family more. I am going to love my freedom, Love God, love what I have and where I am in my life. I am going to Love every day and try and love the ups and downs of life. I am going to love being more giving to others. I am going to love helping others and love spreading joy in all I do. You see, the Beatles were right. All we need really IS love. Everything we do we can do with Love in our hearts. If you want more Love in your life you have to give more love. Now don’t get me wrong. I have to take care of me first. It goes back to my #1 goal of loving myself first. I will say no to more things that take away from me loving me. I will spend more time on my mental and physical health. I will say yes to more things that give me joy, peace, and happiness and offer me more time to spend with those that I do love. I will allow myself to be more unpredictable and have more of an exciting life that I love. I want to LOVE life more. I want to laugh more and live more. It all starts with Love. Starting today I will ask myself as each goal, decision, or opportunity arises, how it fits into my theme of “All I need is love.” I hope you will join me. Why Not Today,  Love yourself first. Why Not Today, Take care of you first. Then love the world. If everyone did this I could not imagine how wonderful everything would be. Why Not Today, Love more. 

Thank You

PS, we already have a calendar that is filling up very fast for this year. Thank you for being such great promotors and getting your communities and events to bring me in. This is all word of mouth and I can’t thank you enough. See ya soon. 
Thanks and Happy New Year. 


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