Break Free


breakfreeHello there, 

              I have some news I want to share with you but first of all I want to apologize. I have been very quiet lately, I know. Many friends who have been concerned by this have contacted me. The good news is I am fine and have just been traveling so much and working on a large project and so I have not been able to write to you. You may or may not know that I recently transitioned my music career into a motivational speaking career with music. Now I did not give up my concerts or my touring I just do a lot more speaking events. I sing my songs and tell my stories to different groups of people and this is a way to get my music and my message out to a lot more people. Some speeches are based on my book and others are based on my life changes. I speak on bullying, personal development, change, and facing fears basically. I speak to a lot of different youth groups, some churches, music programs, and health care groups, etc. Here is the big news; I had this idea to write another book about a year ago. Yeah this guy, the guy who dropped out of college because he couldn’t pass English. The guy who had to have a reading and writing tutor all through grade school. The guy who was not allowed to write for the school paper because he wasn’t a good writer. I am working on my second book. It is a very important book to me about fear. I suffer from depression and anxiety and always have. I was speaking to one of my speaker friends named Laurie and I told her “how can I stand in front of a crowd and tell them to go out and take charge of their lives when sometimes I don’t feel like I even have it all together.” She told me that I should be honest with my audience and tell them that it is a constant struggle even for me. Then I decided that this was what I needed to do. I would write my book about all the struggles I had in my past and how I dealt with them. I would tell how some of these struggles helped me create the music and speaking career I have today and how I wouldn’t trade any of it. This book started flying together as I started typing. Within 3 weeks I had 40,000 plus words and several chapters typed. Now it is sent off to my editor for editing. I almost can’t believe it. I don’t know what will come of this book or what will happen with it but it has been written. In the process a new song was born. It is unlike any song I have ever released before and any song you have ever heard me sing. It is going to shake things up a bit. I absolutely love it. It is called Break Free. Of course my good friend Amy Lacey and her cousin Natalie Johnson helped make this song a reality. Natalie had the idea after reading my first book and Amy really worked hard to make it what it is today. As we all 3 pulled it together at the end we knew we had something special on our hands. The studio and musicians worked super hard to create the most complicated piece of musical works I have ever been part of. Even they were excited about what this song can do. It’s going to help people. It’s going to change lives. I can’t wait to share it with you. It will be a few weeks still before it is out but I just wanted you to know that the song and the book are coming. The book is called Why Not Today? Face your fears and chase your dreams.

             I have traveled all over this past few weeks. I have been in Northern Utah, California, and North Dakota. My travels are not over yet. This year is going to be a very busy year for me. I have already spoke and sang for 5 different events. I have several concerts and 3 speaking events coming up. 2 of the speaking events are public and are both on “making it” and creating your music career. If you or anyone you know is in Southern Utah and wants to learn more about starting their own record label then send them to one of these work shops.
Thank you for all you do for me. This is going to be a great year. It’s time for all of us to “Break Free from the past that leaves us haunted and live the life we were meant to live.”

Southern Utah Songwriters Workshop
Thursday March 19th at Spiral Studios at 7pm.
$10.00 per person free to Suswa Members
The first 12 people will get an autographed copy of Eric’s Book.

Southern Utah University Music Program Workshop. Open to the public
Tuesday March 31st. 7:30pm in Cedar City Utah at SUU.

If you know anyone interested in booking us please share our website and promo video with them.
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