Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to My New Blog

I am getting ready to start adding all my most popular posts from my newsletter for all to see.



Online Show

Online Show

Hello, Tonight we are having a live online show. You won’t want to miss this. If for some reason you do you can watch the show on the archive at anytime. Andy and I have been doing shows for you now for many years and we love this new format. There is a comment section where you can leave us comments as we perform. We will have a live text number as well. Here is the direct link to watch the Eric Dodge and Andy Dodge live show at 7pm MST from anywhere in the world. That is 9pm EST or 6pm PST.


Here is the number where you can text our studio for requests, questions, or just to tell Andy how good looking he is. Thanks for everything. 435-554-7712

Oh we also have free shipping on all our products at

http://www.ericdodge.com right now.

Also make sure you join us on facebook. When we hit 10,000 members we will be giving some cool stuff away.


and lastly we still have the free songs on our web-site to download for free. Just go to ericdodge.com and click on free cd.

Thanks again for letting me get my messages through music to you.


Music With A Message

It’s Showtime!!

I wanted to send this e-mail out today because it is Mothers day. Now I am a very lucky person. Pretty much everybody has had a mother or still has the memory of a mother in their lives. I have a pretty incredible one who has been through so much. A few years back we didn’t expect my mother to be around much longer. I was reading over my old journals tonight and reminded of how bad things were and how HUGE of a miracle it is that she is here. There is just so much to her story and so much that it’s impossible to tell it all. She wrote a very good post this week on her blog about her mother and a very amazing strong person I will always look up to, my grandmother Della Elmer. My mom is so much like her in so many ways. I ended up going to a movie the other night and needed to get my exercise. I parked my truck all the way out in the parking lot and it was at a theater I don’t go to very often. I started walking since I was a few minutes early to get my steps in. I ended up walking right past where my Grandparents lived in the winter and also where my Great Aunt who has passed lived as well. I had a flood of wonderful memories come back to me. I have had so many great people in my life and my grandparents where just incredible people. My parents are incredible and my siblings are. I feel like I have hit the lottery sometimes. Here is the link to my mothers post on her blog. A big part of this story makes me sad because I have also seen people say mean things to and about my mother. I have seen people call her fat and lazy. I can assure you that she was never been lazy. My grandmother was never the person that was described in this post. Happy Mother’s day Mom, thanks for all you do and I love you!. “Just Keep Swimming” http://www.laureldodge.blogspot.com


We have a few concerts this week.

Tomorrow (Monday 5-13) is the St. George City concert in the park FREE outdoor show. The weather looks great, just a little warm, and it’s going to be a fun show. We are launching the new HYMN cd publicly at this show. I hope you have had a chance to get your copy of this cd. If not go to my web-site and get it. http://www.ericdodge.com The show starts at 7:30 and is at Centennial park in St. George. It is right between Panorama elementary school and Pine View Middle School down behind the mall. We have some surprises and some giveaways you are not going to want to miss. I can’t wait.

Wednesday we are celebrating the life of Dennis Freeman. He passed away suddenly and it will be in Logandale NV at the Fairgrounds from 6-8pm. They will be having dutch oven dinners etc to remember this great guy. I met him while doing a cancer benefit for his wonder wife Cher and she has really been inspiring to me. It’s going to be a good event.

OK well I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful week. Feel free to invite your friends to be part of our newsletter. I am working on a surprise for all the members of this newsletter and I can’t wait to tell you about it. I hope to see you at one of our shows this year. NOTE: The broadway cd is going to become an online only cd this year. Once we are out of the ones we have in stock we will not be reordering them. If you like our fork in the road cd get your’s ordered soon before it is gone. It will be gone this summer.

Thanks again and make sure you remember your mom’s today.

Talk to you soon



Never Walk Alone Hymn CD by Eric Dodge

I wanted to share something personal with you. This is what I wrote on the inside cover of my new CD “Never Walk Alone”. This is a very powerful CD and I am so proud to have been part of it. The Pre order special will end this Wednesday the 27th. If you want to be one of the first who get to preview and hear this album then get it ordered before Wednesday. We will close pre orders at that time and will not release the album until sometime after April 15th. When i write all my notes inside my cd’s I just let the pen flow. I don’t usually ever go back and read them. I don’t pre think or plan what I am going to say. This one I felt I needed to share with you.

Never Walk Alone is a very special album to me. The very phrase Never Walk Alone means so much to me on so many levels. I never feel alone and I hope this music will help you to feel like you are not alone as well. I have been so blessed in my life and I am grateful everyday for all my blessings. I have trusted the inspirations and the answers to my prayers along my journey and as FlyLady would say, I have followed the “God Breezes”. I have been given the gift of faith. The gift of being surrounded by the most amazing family, the most amazing friends, supporters, mentors, and the list could go on all day. This has brought me to the day that I finally got the opportunity to record and release a cd full of inspirational hymn songs. Music is one of the most powerful and healing forces in the universe, especially inspirational music. I am so happy that I get to be a part of the healing through music. I wished I could thank everyone I need to thank but here are just a few. My family of course, they are the most amazing family. I was blessed with the most amazing Grandparents on both sides. The most caring and amazing Mom and Dad, my brothers and sister are so supportive and my extended family and niece and nephews are all so great. I have awesome Aunts, Uncles, cousins and so on. I am thankful for my faith in God!! I am beyond blessed in abundance and I thank God every day for this. Thank you to one of my dearest friends and mentors, Marla Cilley, The FlyLady. Marla has always been there for me and always believed in me. Thank you to the guys!! Steve Lemmon, Andy Dodge, John Houston and Ryan Tilby, you really are the dream team of music!! Thank you to my amazing friends, fans, and all of you who have helped me to “Make It” in this wild music industry over the years. Thank you for staying by my side through thick and thin and thank you for helping me to live my dream. Here’s to many more years to come. God Bless You!!

That is what I wrote in my cd cover and I mean every word of it. Thank you again. Listen to some of the songs on my web-site and here is the link to get a copy. I wold love to hear from all of you who listen to this album before it is released. Please let me know how it is. I should start shipping pre orders later this week.


Thank you for everything. Have a great week.


PS you also have to be one of the pre order’s to take part in the gift it forward for fun promotion. Just film yourself giving one of our cd’s away and upload it onto facebook or youtube. Then share it with us. If you do this we will send you 2 more cd’s free of charge. Only available to the pre orders. Wednesday is the deadline.

Never Walk Alone!!

Well, I finally did it. I made a cd of all Hymns and inspirational songs. I have always wanted to make this cd. I have now completed almost all the albums on my bucket list. I made a Christmas CD, I made my Broadway cd, and now I am releasing my Hymn cd called “Never Walk Alone”. It is such a personal and powerful album. From the song I sang at my grandfathers funeral with my cousins, to a song that got me through some tough times (You’ll Never Walk Alone). You will love all these songs. You can listen to a few of them on our media page at http://www.ericdodge.com/media

We are doing a pre order special. Here is how you can get 2 free copies of this album. You have to buy one copy during the pre order period (March 1st to April 14th). Then once you receive your copy you need to have yourself filmed with a cell phone or camera or whatever giving it to a complete stranger. Tell them you want to pay it forward with some great music. Upload the video to youtube and tag me in it. Then share it on my facebook page. It is that simple. I will send 2 free cd’s and cover the shipping to anyone who does this. It will be fun and different. Also I am autographing all copies. Thanks for all your support and I will share more about this album later. Get your copy pre ordered now in the Eric Dodge store at ericdodge.com

What If? or I Am?

Have you ever asked yourself the question What If? I know I have on a daily basis. “What If that person doesn’t like me?”, “What if I am not good enough?” “What if I fail?”, This phrase is often centered around negativity and self doubt. Now What If we made changes right here and right now to take care of ourselves instead. What if we changed our “What If” to “I am”. I started off this new years with a resolve to make some huge changes in my life. Health, Relationships, Finance, Attitude, Positivity, Gratitude, and so many more little steps that will drastically change my “What If” to “I am”. Even if you haven’t started to make any changes and you feel like you missed out on New Years to make these resolutions, make them right now. I am only telling you all this because my mother, and a huge inspiration to so many people, asked herself these questions 2 years ago. She started a blog yesterday called “What If?”. You have to see it to believe what she has done. Read her story and be inspired. Here is the link http://www.laureldodge.blogspot.com Also subscribe to her blog if you want to be part of this journey to better health. She truly is amazing and has helped every single person in our family get in better health. It took a lot of persuading for me to get her to share her story but she didn’t feel like she could help anyone. After I told her to look at the combined weight loss of her own family and then ask herself if she couldn’t help anyone, I think she may have decided to give it a try. I hope you are having a great start to your 2013. I hope you are with me in making our lives and this world a better place for all of us. I am leaving you with a quote by Jim Rohn ” Goals. There’s no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There’s no telling what you can do when you believe in them. There’s no telling what will happen when you act on them.” I can tell you this from experience. I promise you that nothing will happen if you don’t act on them. I guess I appreciate the opportunity to turn my “What if’s” Into “I am”. Have an amazing year. We are gearing up for a very busy concert season. We are doing live house concerts streaming onto YouTube and Google+ monthly. Our next live concert is this coming Wednesday the 16th. Join us live online at 7pm MST at http://www.ericdodge.com or go to our YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/ericdodge We will be inviting up to 10 people to turn on their webcams and hang out with us live as we sing so if you want to do that be on Google+ at the time of our concert. Thanks again and feel free to share with me your quotes, your motivation, your successes. I love to hear inspiring stories.

Save The Date and Miracles do happen!!

Hello there,  First of all I want to wish you a safe and Happy Halloween. Try not to eat too much candy. So we are only one week away from our popular November House Concert brought to you by Flylady.net and Pizza Hut. We had over 500 people attend online and watch our last house concert.  Lets pack the airwaves and have an amazing time again.  Wednesday night November 7th at 7pm MST.  I will post a link on all the social media sites when it goes active about an hour before we go live, or you can find us on google plus or watch our youtube channel that night.  We will have our text in number like last time as well as have some guest cameras joining us on the concert and hangout. Save the date and join us. This should be a link to the hangout event on Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/c8tdbj2u9c65fn0ndt8qpd6969g


I did something fun. I made a video for one of our songs on the new Broadway CD. You can get your copy at www.ericdodge.com. So I have been so amazed at my journey.  I have been so humbled by all of your friendships and support.  Please take a minute to look at my journey here. Thanks for all you do for me.
You can also view it on our website and now Ericdodge.com has been optimized for mobile viewing.  Check it out.
My parents are awesome.  My mother has been a huge inspiration and I think she deserves this shout out.  I am attaching a picture to this message so you can see something miraculous. My mother a few years ago was having multiple health issues.  Many of those were contributed to obesity. She was on oxygen at nights due to sleep apnea, she was pre diabetic, had blood sugar issues, blood pressure issues, and many other issues that she was having to take medications for. She needed to make a change immediately or    maybe not be around today. She started to exercise, eat right, make a complete life change.  She has not lost almost 100 pounds without any surgeries, fancy diet’s, pills, or anything that is radical. She exercises regularly, she eats healthy choices and is really doing awesome.  Her inspiration has made it easier for my dad to follow along and now he has lost almost 40 pounds.  Keep it up mom and dad and thanks for being such an inspiration.
Thank you all for being here. I will be having a holiday special on our Christmas CD’s very soon and we will be having a new segment to our e-mails called stories from the road.  Dutch our drummer has been keeping a journal as we have been traveling and those that are appropriate to share 🙂 we will share.
Last of all, Do you want to win free Pizza from Pizza Hut??? All you have to do is post a comment under this post, on my web-site at www.ericdodge.com.  Also if you would be willing to share a nice testimonial about our Fork In The Road cd, just simply post under this or write me a nice paragraph or two on your thoughts about it and email it to me. I will enter you into a drawing for free pizza as well. Very simple and very good chances to win.  Thanks again and see you on Facebook, Twitter, and google+