I need your help!

             Yep, I need your help. This year has been incredible. We have had very good concerts this year. Not as many as I would have liked to do but definitely the quality level of shows that I like performing at. One of my mentors was talking to me about my future plans. He said, “ I have never seen someone who has such active and caring friends as you do on Facebook.” He was blown away at all of you and how much you do for me and care for me. I was telling him that most of my shows / Speeches / corporate events, were booked because of you. I told him the story of how our big 4th of July concert was booked because one of you was getting your hair done. You shared my cd with your hairdresser whose husband was on the city council in a small town in Utah. They decided that they wanted to bring me in after hearing about my music and my message. My mentor thought that was pretty cool and he said ”If all of your friends told their company’s they work for, city, festivals, fairs, etc. into bring you into their town, or to play for their event, you would be the busiest singer around”. I believe this as well. So here is what I want to try. I want to ask you to do just that. There are hundreds of events in Utah alone that hire Country Bands. There are thousands of events in the USA that are in need of what I do. Please share me with anyone you know that may have a connection like that. Remember even a hairdresser can be the link to getting us a concert in your town. Christmas Season and company parties are coming right up. Then booking season for next year’s events has already begun. So I am asking you for your help. Help me make next year just a banner year and help me to be able to see more of you in person. Thank you again for all you do for me.

 Your Friend


 P.S. I know many of you bombarded the office of St. George Magazine to read that article on my mother and I. Here is a link for you so that you can read it no matter where you are. http://archive.thespectrum.com/sgm-ezine

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Upcoming Concert in Idaho Falls.


Date: Friday, September 19th, 2014

Time: 7:00 P.M.

Location: Idaho Falls Civic Auditorium – 501 S. Holmes Avenue, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Prices: $18 General Admission and $30 VIP (front 5 rows, center)

Tickets: Purchase at www.idahofallsarts.org (click on “Purchase Now”; link for our tickets goes live on July 2nd), or by calling (208) 522-0471

Other Info: Eric Dodge & Jamie O’Neal putting on a show to remember in Southeast Idaho! Proceeds benefit the local CASA agency, providing a voice for children who are removed from their home due to abuse or neglect.


You have to see this

Hey there,

                About a month ago I got a phone call from Brian Passey. He is one of the local popular reporters for our Newspaper and St. George Magazine. He has done interviews with me on my music many times over the years. This time he was asking me all kinds of questions about my mother and her life change. He also had heard about my life change and weight loss from many years ago. He said they were looking at doing a magazine about making over your life and they thought it would be so cool to do a mother/son article. He had heard about my mother’s blog and how she had had over 60,000 viewers on her blog about getting healthy. http://www.laureldodge.blogspot.com
                  When Brian showed up to do the interview I think he was surprised at how incredible her story really was. Some of you have read her blog and know some of what she went through to become healthy again. Many times there were ups and downs. Some of the experiences scared our family beyond belief. Very few of my friends knew what was going on at that time. I didn’t expect her to be alive today let alone being featured in a magazine. Now my mom works for Weight Watchers as the Saturday morning leader and helps motivate our entire family to get healthy. When the magazine came out I was not sure how the article turned out or what and where the photos were being used. I was very surprised to see this as the cover of the magazine. The article was very well written as well and there are more pictures inside. This was such a neat experience to be part of and get to share it with my mother. My hope is that the article and magazine will help to inspire others to get healthy. I was very blessed to have my mom’s life turned around. There are so many people who struggle with weight, depression, medications, and all the things my mother suffered from. I know her story will help others and St. George Magazine knew that as well.
            I was also featured in this article for my weight loss as a post high school kid. I ended up losing about 80 pounds and started to hike and exercise with my friends Val and Glen. This was all pre singing days. I believe it was a very important part of my confidence building and I may have never been a Country singer if it didn’t happen this way. I remember going with another friend named Emilie to the gym several times a week back then. She was always pushing me to go and get healthy. We had a personal trainer named John and did cardio kickboxing often.
                    photo-14If you would like a copy of this magazine you can call 435-674-6200 and they can send you one. The magazine costs $2.95 per copy and about $1.80 for shipping. They will have them for a week or 2. Also you can stop by their office and pick up a copy at 275 East St. George Blvd. They will also be available at Lin’s on Sunset Blvd and Barns and Noble bookstore at the Red Cliffs Mall. Let me know if you get a copy and read it. I would love to hear from you.
Thank you and have a great week.