Online Show

Online Show

Hello, Tonight we are having a live online show. You won’t want to miss this. If for some reason you do you can watch the show on the archive at anytime. Andy and I have been doing shows for you now for many years and we love this new format. There is a comment section where you can leave us comments as we perform. We will have a live text number as well. Here is the direct link to watch the Eric Dodge and Andy Dodge live show at 7pm MST from anywhere in the world. That is 9pm EST or 6pm PST.

Here is the number where you can text our studio for requests, questions, or just to tell Andy how good looking he is. Thanks for everything. 435-554-7712

Oh we also have free shipping on all our products at right now.

Also make sure you join us on facebook. When we hit 10,000 members we will be giving some cool stuff away.

and lastly we still have the free songs on our web-site to download for free. Just go to and click on free cd.

Thanks again for letting me get my messages through music to you.


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